The Wayfinder is a destination management tool enabling tourism organizations to measure, monitor and improve destination stewardship capability and outcomes. Built within a tried and tested platform, it is the first industry-led, evidence-based framework for destination stewardship.

Powering Transformation

The Wayfinder is unifying the tourism industry in its understanding of stewardship and how to approach it. Based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Destination Criteria and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the framework offers an actionable and structured pathway for tourism organizations to enhance strategic outcomes for destinations and the communities they serve.

“A destination can bounce back and return to business as usual, which may at times place an unsustainable burden on destinations and communities, or it can proactively bounce forward and adopt a stewardship approach that balances the needs of visitors with the needs of destinations and residents. Old business and governance models will likely hold back new aspirations for destination stewardship. A reset based on structural changes to how tourism is governed can help protect the future of destinations and the sector.”
- Jeremy Sampson 2, The Travel Foundation

Build Confidence in Strategic Planning

See the Full Picture

Gain a comprehensive view of your destination’s strategic efforts, and track progress in real time as you enhance your destination stewardship capability and outcomes.

Generate Dynamic Reports

The Wayfinder facilitates dynamic report generation, providing you with the tools to communicate progress and strategic direction to stakeholders, boards and funders.

Receive Ongoing Support

Embracing a consultative approach, our customer enablement services and consultative support ensure that your team has the knowledge and tools for success.

View Actionable Insights

Identify the areas that matter most to your destination, view action items and access a library of curated best practice resources to guide your journey.

Plans for Every Destination

Gain the clarity, organization and momentum you need to navigate your destination stewardship journey.


Wayfinder Gateway

For destinations just getting started, the Wayfinder Gateway is a self-service, low-entry membership level with digital onboarding services included.


Wayfinder 365

For destinations seeking more support, the Wayfinder 365 is a mid-entry membership level with in-person onboarding and customer enablement services included.


Wayfinder Enterprise

For destinations driving change throughout their jurisdictions, the Wayfinder Enterprise is a high-entry membership level with bespoke in-person onboarding and customer enablement services included.

Global Partners

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Ready to Chart Your Course?

We want to partner with you to build a vibrant and thriving future for the tourism industry. Discover how the Wayfinder can center community in your decision-making to better balance resident quality of life while still providing a transformational visitor experience.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll meet you there.